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Fics marked with 💥 were created for the 2015 Big Bang.

Last Updated: 29 March 2024


Wanna see who bottoms more?
a bunch of horny jedtavius oneshots
HungryOnMain. 2024. 5.5K.
Kinks: Mpreg, Breeding, Voyeurism, Feederism.
a huge problem
bi4binnie. 2023. 4.1K.
Kinks: Spit kink.
A Little Swim: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
Author. 2009. 19.2K.
Explicit chapters: 6 thru 10.
Note: Chapters 9 and 10 are the same event from different angles. They are counted as one instance in the Bottom Statistics.
A Night with the General
colbychu. 2009. 2.3K.
ain't ever rode a horse like this
Fall_Into_Oblivion. 2023. 3.4K.
Kinks: Lactation, Knife play, Thighfucking, Blood play, Cockwarming, Bondage, Breeding, Spit kink.
Any Weather One-Shots
E_V_Roslyn. 2022. 3.2K.
Kokolo. 2010. 1.9K.
As a Man
Anonymous. 2021. 2.8K.
Kinks: CBT, Foot fetish.
Ballet Makes Fools Of Us All
yishaqeni. 2015. 26K.
Bare Necessities
samstoleaburger. 2015. 2.2K.
Basket of Goodies
KatLeePT. 2011. 3.1K.
Content warning: Proximity to a minor.
Battle Tactics
SerenityXStar. 2015. 1.2K.
Beg for me Jedediah
Robin_Sunshine. 2023. 282.
Kinks: Dacryphilia.
Beginner's Luck
horrorsilk. 2022. 2.5K.
Kinks: Choking.
Better Latte Than Never
breavitas. 2015. 25K.
Blood Letting
yishaqueni. 2015. 3.8K.
Kinks: Vampirism, Blood play.
breakfast and a bracelet
HungryOnMain. 2023. 990.
Kinks: Free use, Breeding.
changes, made by choice
HungryOnMain. 2022. 8.4K.
Kinks: Mpreg, Breeding.
HungryOnMain and mournwiththemoon. 2024. 3.8K.
Kinks: Vore.
seashadows. 2018. 13.7K.
Kinks: Wet & Messy.
cowboycrow. 2022. 5.7K.
Kinks: Praise kink.
Diplomatic Heat
yishaqueni. 2015. 3.1K.
Kinks: Vampirism, Blood play.
Everything You Say Sounds Like Sweet Talk to My Ears
speccygeekgrrl. 2021. 2.8K.
fork a hoss
Anonymous. 2015. 2K.
Kokolo. 2010. 2.9K.
Kinks: Bondage (Rope play).
i get around
prolixcreature. 2023. 1.5K.
i look like hell (just to wear it well)
Riv_Styx. 2022. 16.6K.
Kinks: Whump.
I Love Your...
MaidenofIron157. 2017. 4.8K.
Kink: Praise kink.
i'm afraid i'll go to heaven
HungryOnMain. 2022. 32K.
Anonymous. 2019. 8.3K.
kick and scream and call my name🔒
Anonymous. 2023. 2.9K.
Kinks: CNC.
La Danza Di Due Pazzi
Anonymous. 2015. 26.8K.
Let Us Live And Love
youjik33. 2014. 1.4K.
Lesson Plan
Anonymous. 2015. 29.3K.
This was written for the 2015 NatM Big Bang.
Lightning in a Bottle
day221b. 2015. 282K.
Podfic version
like the fool i am & i'll always be
spock. 2015. 3K.
shining1980. 2015. 2.4K.
Kink: Spanking.
Morning After at the Museum
NichePastiche and wisteria_lodge. 2023. 8.7K.
My New Roman Empire
ShesNotAngryAnymore. 2023. 2.5K.
Kinks: Blood play, Knife play
Need You Now🔒
sunsetsandsatsumas. 2023. 14K.
Not a good idea
Orchidmunkii. 2009. 543.
O Hathor, I invoke you
bisexualsolidsnake. 2023. 15.1K.
Octy and the Bandit
BringBackMaes14. 2022. 1.8K.
Red Velvet Cake
HungryOnMain and mournwiththemoon. 2024. 6.8K.
Kinks: Feederism, Stuffing, Vore.
SerenityXStar. 2015. 1.7K.
Rolling in Love's Sweet Arms
KatLeePT. 2011. 3.9K.
Kinks: Foot fetish.
Sand and Grit
coldfiredragon. 2009. 1.6K.
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
Reincarnation_into_anime. 2023. 2.8K.
Kinks: Bondage (Rope play), Dacryphilia, Praise Kink
Shooting Blanks🔒
BaconWrappedRainbows. 2022. 2.3K.
Orchidmunkii. 2009. 2.1K.
Small Oversights🔒
Amuly. 2014. 4.4K.
gordinho_gostosinho. 2022. 3K.
Kinks: Overstimulation, Dacryphilia.
Spilled soda
Piratecoreart. 2023. 392.
Tater Tots
HungryOnMain. 2023. 635.
Kinks: Vore.
Tell Me You Love Me in Private
Reaganrose1513. 2021. 3.2K.
The C Word
yishaqeni. 2015. 8.7K.
Kinks: Free use.
The cowboy hat
Anonymous. 2022. 786.
Kinks: Praise kink.
The Knight's tale
clumsyghost. 2020. 3K.
The play's the thing
clumsyghost. 2019. 12.8K.
The Trials of the Museum
PrisonMoose. 2021. 3.4K.
Uses characters from Loki.
The Wedding of a Cowboy and a Roman
megawoman 5210. 2010. 3.9K.
Kinks: Mpreg.
This is a giving, an offering / In your favour, a sacrifice in your name / But I know you've got a taste / So just take a bite of me
Fall_Into_Oblivion. 2023. 1.3K.
Kinks: Wet & Messy, Bondage, CBT, Dacryphilia, S & M.
Tipler Timeline
TheCohort. 2015. 8.1K.
Victories Are Better Together
SerenityXStar. 2015. 2.7K.
Wanna see a trick?
Orchidmunkii. 2009. 216.
well, that's one way to learn latin
HungryOnMain. 2022. 3.8K.
Kinks: Bondage (Handcuffs).
Worth the Wait
saturni_stellis. 2020. 300.
Would you invite me in again? / Let me pay for my arrogance / Won't you show me your weakness?
Fall_Into_Oblivion. 2023. 1K.
Kinks: Thighfucking
You're such a girl Octy
Orchidmunkii. 2009. 13.5K.
Kinks: Mpreg.
You've got 4 minutes
WolfMeister. 2015. 562.
Youtube and chill
clumsyghost. 2020. 2.4K.
(if you need to)
HungryOnMain. 2022. 2.8K.
Kinks: Vore.
"Save a horse ect, ect"
4thBootyyyshaker9000_leo_you_suckx6. 2023. 2.2K.

Tablet Guardians

Being Human🔒
disenchantedphoenix. 2015. 4.3K.
Blue Dress🔒
ahkmenrahtrash. 2023. 6.3K.
Kinks: Crossdressing.
Coffee for Fresh Eyes🔒
lazaefair. 2010-2015. 12K.
Enabling Ahkmenrah🔒
Anonymous. 2016. 2.4K.
Kinks: Bondage, Daddy kink.
Oh No, He's Hot
srmarybadass. 2015. 3.2K.
Proximity and Chance
Whreflections. 2015. 3.1K.
Translation into Русский.
Struggling Student Needs New Prada
Canonobsessedfangirl. 2016. 16.4K.
Fic cancelled in 2017.
disenchantedphoenix. 2015. 1.4K.
The Ignorance of Time🔒
ahkmenrahtrash. 2016. 7K.
Translation into Русский.
zio_zio. 2016. 534.
Worlds Apart💥
TheSadisticMunchkin. 2015. 32.3K.
Contains: Underage.
[i like my body when it is with your]🔒
brennisteinn_txt. 2021. 5.7K.

Other Ships/Rare Pairs

Flyin' Aces (Larry/Amelia)

Return to Smithsonian
Shiverpass. 2011. 12.4K.

Museum Dads (aka Larphee) (Larry/McPhee)

A Clever Ploy (AO3 Version)
Tapix. 2013. 2.9K.
I Used My Mind and I Used My Hand🔒
BaconWrappedRainbows. 2023. 1.3K.

Hokey Pokey (Larry/Kahmunrah)

The Love of a Pharoah and a Night Gaurd
megawoman 5210. 2010. 2.5K.
Kinks: Mpreg.

Pi Date (Amelia/Kahmunrah)

Whose Crying Now?
PixxiKassumii. 2010. 940.


Dear Amelia
littlewonder. 2023. 7.3K.


Workplace Negotiations
Astronoddingoff. 2020. 6.5K.

X Reader

A Night in the Sculpture Garden
lilgreyghost23. 2023. 1.6K.
OC x Reader, takes place in NATM setting.
Asking Questions
AwesomeGamer69Lol. 2020. 1.8K.
Ahkmenrah x Reader.
But Night is Coming (No Pun Intended)
bastanubis29. 2019. 2.5K.
Half Sick of Shadows
RunMild. 2015. 10.3K.
Kinks: Omegaverse.
put me down!
tinyzuko. 2021. 1.1K.
Jedediah x Reader.
Kinks: Macro/micro.
Shameless in the Museum🔒
herecomestroublr. 2021. 2.3K.
Nick x Reader.
The Sheriff x Gender Neutral Reader
PrisonMoose. 2021. 1.3K.
Sherriff Scepter x Reader, takes place in NATM setting.
Uses characters from Loki.
The Mummy
ares89. 2023. 11K.
OC x Reader, takes place in NATM setting.
Three Times Night Comes, and One Time it Doesn't (I'm sticking with this now fully intentional pun)
bastanubis29. 2019. 2.1K.
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥 ℍ𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕪
Milknhonies. 2023. 2.1K.
OC x Reader, takes place in NATM setting.
Kinks: Macro/micro.
Content warning: Sexual assault.


An Impossible Love
Jenrenegade. 2009. 23K.
Ahkmenrah x OC.
Morpheus626. 2020. 14K.
Ahkmenrah x OC.
Left to Ruin
alottanothing. 2020. Unknown.
Ahkmenrah x OC.
This fic is currently being archived. Please wait for a PDF backup!
Legend of the Pharaoh
TheElvishTrekkie. 2014. 17.2K.
Ahkmenrah x OC.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
HatersGonnaHate 'Don't Hate. 2011. 6.2K.
Ahkmenrah x OC.
Content warning: This is mpreg underage Holocaust fanfiction. Every day we stray further from the light of Allah.

Multiple Pairings

disenchantedphoenix. 2015. 27.3K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Tablet Guardians, KahLance.
Content warning: Underage.
Everybody Talks🔒
disenchantedphoenix. 2015. 37.6K.
Golden Dandelion
antaures. 2021. 24K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Jedtavius x OC.
My Soulmate Wants to Put Me in Prison
WolfMeister. 2015. 8.8K.
The Little Blue - I Mean Gold - Tablet🔒
seashadows. 2018. 8.5K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Tablet Guardians, OC x OC.
Kinks: Sex pollen, Thighfucking.
When In Rome
Redcoats518. 2020. 9.8K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Octavius x OC.
Kinks: Voyeurism.
inverse of lilliput
HungryOnMain. 2022. 3.2K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Tablet Guardians, OC x OC.
Kinks: Macro/Micro, Voyeurism.


The following fics contain gore and heavy topics. Reader discretion advised.
Against the World🔒
EwokRae22. 2022. 247K.
Pairs: Jedtavius, Nick x OC, OC x OC.
Kinks: Crossdressing.
Contains: Limb loss, Attempted Suicide.
Courage and Honour💥
OddmentsandTweaks. 2015. 44.2K.
Contains: Sexual Assault.
echoes of the shots ring out, we may be the first to fall
Victory_of_Venus. 2021. 446.
Contains: Suicide.
Heaven Shall Not Shut Thee In
Morpheus626. 2020. 2.5K.
Contains: Murder, Trauma responses.
my heart will stop in joy
HungryOnMain. 2023. 32K.
Contains: Cognitive decline, Limb loss, Murder, Suicide.
Sexualiser Crainte
WishfullyThinking. 2013. 1.9K
Contains: Dubcon.
To Bexa with angst: Part 1 and Part 2
greenmunkii87. 2009. 2.9K.
Contains: Sexual assault.
Why does it hurt so much?.🔒
Honeeybeea. 2021. 613.
Contains: Murder.

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